Pneumatic conveying systems

Products & solutions Pneumatic conveying systems are high-pressure pneumatic conveying systems for bulk materials. The main components are pneumatic chamber pumps, an air and silo supply system and various loading systems for road and rail transport. The use of pneumatic conveyors is possible in the following areas: Pneumatic conveying of grain Pneumatic conveying of lime […]

Systems for dry ash removal

Products & solutions Dry ash removal systems include specialised conveyors, crushers, silos and control systems. We design and engineer each system based on the characteristics of the boiler and power plant as a whole, taking into account the customer’s specific requirements.

Control cabinets for boiler cleaning systems

Products & solutions We manufacture control cabinets on Siemens controllers. The configuration of the hardware and software of the control system is done according to the individual needs of the customer. For water treatment systems, we take over the planning and delivery of the pumping stations, the fittings and the instruments for water. The control […]

Peripheral equipment for sootblower systems

Products & solutions Soot blowing plants also require control cabinets, shut-off and control valves for steam and water as well as control and measuring sensors. We take care of the engineering and supply of all components and systems necessary for the operation of the plant. Sootblowing systems are a complex technical system consisting of several […]


Products & solutions Sootblowers for cleaning necessary to ensure the uninterrupted operation of boilers, furnaces, or any other industrial installations where contamination of heat exchange surfaces is possible as a result of combustion or other technological processes. Steam cleaning Sootblower for cleaning the boiler Steam blowers, low-retractable (blowing medium-steam/air) Sootblowers for cleaning high-temperature areas of […]

Spare parts for sootblowers

Products & solutions Our company supplies spare parts for sootblowers from almost all major sootblower manufacturers. Such as: Clyde Industries is specialised in boiler cleaning for the pulp and paper industry. Company Clyde Bergemann is the largest supplier of equipment for cleaning heating surfaces of boilers and furnaces with a history of more than 70 […]

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