Sootblowers for cleaning necessary to ensure the uninterrupted operation of boilers, furnaces, or any other industrial installations where contamination of heat exchange surfaces is possible as a result of combustion or other technological processes.

Steam cleaning

Sootblower for cleaning the boiler

  • Steam blowers, low-retractable (blowing medium-steam/air)

Sootblowers for cleaning high-temperature areas of steam plants (e.g. superheaters with flue gas temperatures over 800° C)

  • Lance screw blowers type PS (blowing medium steam/air)
  • Lance screw blowers type RK (blowing medium steam/air) in reinforced design for the use in the pulp and paper industry or with an apparatus length of more than 8 metres

Sootblowers for cleaning medium and low-temperature areas of steam plants (e.g. economisers with temperatures below 800° C)

  • Multi-nozzle sootblower (blowing medium steam/air)
  • Rotary sootblowers multi-nozzle sootblowers (blowing medium steam/air)
  • Pendulum blowers (blowing medium steam/air)

Water cleaning

Sootblower for cleaning the boiler

  • Water wall blower
  • Water purification system with long reach

Cleaning systems without
blowing medium

Shock pulse cleaning (tapper)

for cleaning tube bundles by vibration. The vibrations are caused by impacts on the tube bundles with pneumatic or mechanical impactors.

Sonic cleaning (Sonic horn)

used for light loose deposits on tube bundles at low temperatures. The vibration of the surfaces to be cleaned is caused by a powerful sonic pulse.

Multi-media sootblower

Rotary and lance screw blowers for cleaning
e.g. a recuperative air heater

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