Areas of application

The technologies and products offered by us increase the efficiency
and environmental friendliness of boilers.
Power generation

While the world today is working on making conventional energy production more efficient and environmentally friendly, we are working to improve process efficiency, to positively impact the environmental footprint of the energy industry and mitigate the negative impacts of conventional energy production.

Waste incineration plants

This type of energy is state of the art due to the high environmental requirements. Our equipment enables the customer to significantly improve the energy and especially the environmental parameters of the plants.


The generation of energy from renewable energy sources, especially biomass, is the strongest trend in steam generation plants today.

Pulp and paper production

This area is increasingly gaining weight and importance. Paper and cardboard are largely replacing plastic packaging and the market demand is steadily increasing. In terms of the technologies used, this is a very specific area for which we offer special products and solutions.

Petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry is placing ever increasing demands on the environment and plant efficiency. For this industry segment, we offer solutions that usually involve explosion protection.

Other industry

Steel and non-ferrous metal production, construction, glass production, food processing and agriculture – in all these sectors there is a significant need for heating surface cleaning and other systems that we can provide.

When you work with us, you receive

Information support

During the evaluating phasis of the investment in the project, we support you in preparing a feasibility study.

Optimal qualified equipment design

We provide engineering and qualified selection of equipment, taking into account the needs of the customer and the special features of the project.

Long-term partnerships

Long-term partnerships allow us to develop an optimal working format on both an organisational and technical level.

Necessary to ensure the smooth operation of boilers, furnaces and other industrial equipment
Spare parts for equipment from almost all major sootblower manufacturers
All components and systems necessary for operation
We manufacture control cabinets from Siemens components
Consist of special conveyor belts, crushers, silos and control systems, etc.
Systems for pneumatic high-pressure conveying of bulk materials

Offered service

Installation, commissioning, service maintenance

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